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Welcome to Paramount Health Options (PHO), formerly Cedar Rapids Physician Hospital Organization. PHO is a provider-owned, member-driven partnership formed in 1994, serving over 1,600 physicians, allied health providers and hospitals in 75 counties within Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska.

PHO is currently contracted with 13 payers. As part of payer contracting, payers outsource credentialing services to PHO, which eases the administrative burden on providers. A state-of-the-art credentialing system is utilized to offer providers a complete package of services for any size organization.

Services offered include payer contracting, credentialing and enrollment, recredentialing, hospital privileging forms, Medicare and Medicaid enrollment, ongoing monitoring, primary source verification, claims resolution, group purchasing, education seminars and office resources.

In 2015, PHO formed Paramount Credentialing Verification Organization, Inc. (PCVO), a wholly-owned subsidiary, to meet specific customer credentialing needs throughout the country. PCVO received national certification by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for ten out of ten verification services. 

In 2019, Paramount launched a subsidiary called Paramount Collaborative Network, LC. This entity delivers custom credentialing, privileging and other client-specific services related to hiring, government or commercial payer enrollment, and physicians attaining and maintaining privileging at various facilities. By utilizing a credentialing verification organization (CVO) owned by physicians, clinics and facilities can capture control and re-engineer the multi-faceted onboarding process. Paramount Collaborative Network, using its 26 years of experience in credentialing, will improve the processing time while assuring accountability/feedback and eliminate waste and duplication. For the first time, engaged clinics, facilities and other process stakeholders are invited as equity partners in Paramount Collaborative Network to develop and adopt a statewide strategy that is possible with collective strengths and capabilities to create a superior credentialing process for physicians and facilities.

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Paramount Health Options